What Should I Read Next? Our Current Reads.

Have you ever found yourself in a bit of a book slump? You’ve just finished a great book, but now you’re lacking inspiration and struggling to decide what you should read next… Trust us, we’ve been there!

We’ve written this blog post in the hope of offering up a little bit of inspo on what book to read next! We asked around at Bookishly HQ to see what a few of us were currently reading and compiled it all into a handy little list…


DIOR – Dior

A super interesting read written by Christian Dior himself. This autobiography gives you an in-depth behind the scenes account of the workings of a great fashion house, along with individual, detailed steps on what it takes to put a clothing collection together. Not light reading exactly, but fascinating nonetheless.


This book sees writer Adam Kay share entries from the journal he kept during his time working as a doctor in the NHS. Hilarious at times (we’ll never think of Kinder Eggs in the same way), and heartbreaking at others. This book gives a brilliant insight into what it’s like working on the frontline of the NHS.  


YA fans, this book is for you! We follow the story of Simon Spier, a gay sixteen-year-old high school student who’s yet to come out to his family and friends. Simon’s life gets a little more interesting when he falls for an anonymous classmate that he’s been talking to online, resulting in a string of events that are hilarious, terrifying and life-changing.

THE SUMMER BOOK – Tove Jansson

A story following the relationship between an elderly artist and her young grand-daughter, and the summer they spend together on a tiny island in the Gulf of Finland. Filled with wisdom and humour, this beautifully written story is a truly life-affirming read. (Bonus! The English language film version is being shot later this year, starring Julie Walters.)


Any book recommendations you’d like to send our way? We’d love to hear from you; discovering new books is one of our favourite things!


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