12 Things All Stationery Lovers Will Relate To.

Charles Dickens once wrote that ‘there was something very comfortable in having plenty of stationery’. The man wasn’t wrong.

We love stationery – maybe a little too much. There’s never not a good reason to buy that extra notebook or get a back-up of your favourite pen in case it runs out on you.

Stationery fan too ? We think you’ll relate to a few of these…


  1. The most exciting part about a new year is buying a new planner.
  2. And the most exciting part of the year in general is back to school / college / work stationery shopping.
  3. Having a favourite stationery store that you spend way too much time (and money) in.
  4. But who cares? Buying stationery makes you feel like you’ve got your life together.
  5. Being torn between starting a new notebook or leaving it to sit and look pretty.
  6. Deciding to start said notebook but making sure to practise your handwriting before making your first mark.
  7. Then completing said notebook and feeling like you’re ready to level up in life.
  8. The dilemma of having to choose between being a nice person and lending a pen to a friend and wanting to protect your pen like it’s your first born child.
  9. Dealing with the betrayal of lending said pen and it coming back with a chewed lid. The monster.
  10. Watching calligraphy videos as a form of meditation. So smooth. So relaxing.
  11. Then feeling unaccomplished and frustrated that you can’t write like that.
  12. But that’s still not enough to stop you from spending £££ on a new calligraphy set. After all, stationery is life.


If you need more stationery in your life then check out our Tea & Vintage Book Club subscription. As well as the tea and the book, you’ll also receive some exclusively designed stationery items in your parcel each month. The dream.



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