Hidden Treasures We Find Inside Our Old Books

We’ve been running a blog series over on our main blog for over two years now. It’s all about those little treasures we find hidden with our vintage books, from tickets and invoices through to photographs, love letters and so much more. Here are a few of our favourites. We’d love to know if you’ve found anything interesting in your old books.

1. Couple Photograph.

We’d probably date the photograph of this young couple back to the seventies. It’s such a lovely picture! We’re always after ways to reunite these forgotten photos with their rightful owners.


2. Handmade Greeting Card.

On first glance, this handmade card somewhat resembles a letter of ill intention… Though the note itself is simply between two friends catching up!

Dear Anne,

Thanks for card and address. How’s the husband, do i know him? Everyone seems to be married or divorced – not me, all fallen through thank goodness! Am now at Regional College Art Manchester (Industrial Design). Hate the north, what are you doing besides obvious? Lousy weather here but wonderful summer in Italy and Yugoslavia. Have you read the cards from Italy, saw Anne has and can’t think only of you. Life is good to me in all ways but goes far too quickly. Shall come and see you in Bristol as i pass that way en route to Manchester.

Drop me a line in the meantime. Are you any better (calmer now?!)

Sorry Graham (for what?)


3. Butlins Advert.

An advert encouraging the younger generation to holiday at Butlins. We have to say it’s pretty persuasive! ‘Nowhere else could you dance each day to such famous bands, see greater entertainment stars or enjoy better facilities for every kind of sport and amusement without paying one penny extra…. I am planning to make the coming season my best and biggest ever – for everyone. Leave your holiday to me and I promise you’ll be glad you did.’ The advert message is even  signed’ by Billy Butlin!


4. Vintage Book Subscription.

This was a particularly lovely find. The reason we sort through thousands of vintage books each month, is for our book club subscription parcels. So, to find a treasure offering an actual book subscription service from over sixty years ago was amazing to us – the love people have for reading, and books in general, is timeless.


5. Postcards To Grandparents.

These postcards are from a young lady named Bev to her grandparents who live in swansea, dating back to 1971. She’s keeping them updated about the latest goings on from her holiday. They read:

Dear Gran and Grandpa,

Well since I last wrote to you we’ve driven 800 miles across spain into portugal to a place called Figuero Da Foz, which is a great place if only it wasn’t raining. The camp site is tremendous with an enormous swimming pool, tennis courts, restaurant, bar etc. All for less than 2 euro a night. Anyway we’re heading south soon so maybe that will improve the weather. All the best for now, Bev.


Dear Gran and Grandpa,

I’m writing this in Biarritz where we’ve been since Saturday. The weather was great when we got here but it’s started to rain now so we may head south into the sun after this week. Paul’s got one hell of a hangover after getting high on the local plank (?).

Anyway, bye for now, love Bev

Hidden_Treasures_6_large (1)

6. Children’s Illustration

We found this lovely drawing in a vintage copy of Agatha Christie’s ‘The Thirteen Problems’. What do you all think?!


7. Love Letter

We found this love letter tucked inside the pages of a 1961 publication of Thunderball by Ian Fleming. Upon first read, we thought we were reading about a forbidden and forgotten love between a now married lady and her former sweetheart. However, when we examined a little closer, it seems that the individual who wrote this letter was writing it to Mr. Bond, and was doing so in the character of Domino – his love interest in the story. Here’s how the letter reads:



I wondered at first whether I should write this letter, but I know you will understand. It hardly seems possible that we could be so far apart after what happened.

Carlo is kind. Of course I love him, and the children make up for everything. But once in a while I remember… Our first drive… Our first supper together in the Casino! You ordered Champagne. And I told you about my hero – the sailor on the front of the packet of Player’s (I believe you were jealous!)

This Christmas we’re coming to London. I know you’re terrible busy, but couldn’t you just find one spare evening when we could meet and talk and laugh about old times?

Do please say yes. And don’t let that horrible old ‘M’ give you any assignment over the holiday.

I think of you –

Ciao, Domino.

P.S Came across this book in Nassan yesterday. You must read pages 152 – 155.




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